Herbal Medicine

We utilize two distinct approaches to herbal therapy in our office.

One is Western herbalism and another is Chinese herbal formulae.

The main difference is that historically western herbs were selected individually to address specific symptoms and complains, just like pharmaceuticals and can be combined based on their physiological action.


Chinese herbal formulae are based on energetic patterns, normalizing such patterns brings symptoms to resolution. Take, for example, common cold. Western Herbal tradition would prescribe herbs that deal with immune system and address particular organs involved (throat if there is pain, lungs for cough, etc). Chinese herbal formulation would take into account whether there are specific pathological patterns such as "Heat" (sore throat, headaches, feeling hot), "Cold" (runny nose, neck pain, chills), etc are present. Herbs would address there patterns rather then just symptoms.
Experience and skills allow good practitioner to select the best approach in each individual case. Sometimes a combination of two is selected. Outside of the physician's knowledge and experience, the single factor influencing results is quality of herbal material used in the formulations. Unfortunately, this quality varies even greater than quality of vitamins and other supplements.


In our office we utilize only professional quality herbal preparations from the most reputable and accountable manufacturers in the world.
For western herbs we use "Mediherb", an Australian company with years of experience and great investment in research. Under Australian law herbs are regulated just like pharmaceutical drugs so "Mediherb" has an excellent reputation for quality.
For Chinese formulas we utilize two American companies which provide much greater quality control then Chinese manufactures. They select and import only finest quality herbs, free of heavy metals and pesticides. These companies utilize multi-layer control of quality, and are involved in a substantial amount of research of pharmacological and traditional properties of Chinese herbs, and herbal medicine in general.