Electromagnetic Therapy

These include infrasound (Qi Gong) generators, TDP- "miracle" electromagnetic waves lamp and ETPS-1000- medical devices for neuromechanical pain management.

TDP, also known as a "miracle lamp", stands for an abbreviation of Chinese words " Electromagnetic therapeutic apparatus". TDP was developed on China over twenty years ago, since then this apparatus was tested and used on millions of patients in over 10 countries. This unique machine won numerous awards at international exhibitions; it received silver and gold medals at World Trade Fairs in Beograd and Brussels. Just recently TDP started to make its way into United States. TDP features a unique plate comprised of over thirty minerals, crystals and elemental substances. When activated this plate produces very specific electromagnetic frequency, which resonates with the human body's own electromagnetic field and provide deep healing effect to the organs and tissues on a molecular level.
TDP can also serve as a ”family doctor” to be used in preventative care.

We employ two ETPS-1000 neuromechanical balance machines with a micro electrical current of specific frequency applied to particular part of the body. This treatment provides drastic improvement to various types of musculoskeletal problems and injuries, usually within minutes.