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Melissa C.

I have done the floatation experience somewhere else and I was searching for one in Miami. It was a great experience! The staff was very kind and helpful. The relaxation you feel after your session beats a massage any day!

Samuel D.

Everyone there is very friendly including the owner who is a very genuine person. He gave me lots of tips which were very helpful. The tank is a tank not much to say there but, overall, the decor was nice and the environment was very chill which sets you in the mood before entering the tank. I had a great experience.

Randall P.

Do it!! I've done a lot of different relaxation and meditation techniques and this is by far the most amazing working one that I've come across

Jodi I.

This was fun and fascinating and relaxing and energizing all at the same time. I can't wait to do it again!

Moises G.

Great experience. When you leave you can't wait to do it again. Also nice people at the place that help you out.

Olga K.

Absolutely incredible experience of floating!
Total relaxation, it was the best de-stress and pain relief for me, all tension in my neck and back disappeared. Good anti-aging for skin, I felt myself new and happy.


My wonderful boss purchased a gift certificate for my Birthday to do an hour of flotation. I had heard of it before and spoke with Natasha my dear friend about what to expect , since she had been here once before. My boss knows I enjoy meditating and she chose such a perfect experience.

I made my appointment, and the morning of I took a change of clothing and a towel. It is located right on the back side of Starbucks in a professional building. I had to call them because I had no idea how to get in through the front door. They have a keypad with all the names but it is named after the doctor it seems not Metta Miami Flotation. No biggie I got in just fine. Wanted to mention it as this would have helped me on my first visit.

A young gentleman was there to help me. He was very cordial and gave me a sheet to read all about the proper way to float. It was very helpful. He then took me to a nice sized room with a large shower and the tank. He closed the door and my excitement began. I took a shower first (highly recommend) then I stepped into the tank. The water is body temperature and it is about two to three feet deep. He told me to lay as far back as I could so my neck would not be straining and to have my feet by the door. Head towards the front of the tank.

As I closed the door completely I could not believe how very very dark it was. I laid back and started to float trying to relax every muscle in my body. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Then I was trying to control my breathing but this took me quite sometime. Once the door is closed there is no circulation whatsoever and it is humid. I did not want to open the door because I was to worried I would not be able to find it because of the darkness and also that I may not have the full experience.

Of course I have no idea how much time had passed but it did seem like it took me about a good 30 minutes to fully let go. I was finally relaxed and finally had control over my breathe. Very deep slow, methodical breathes. I felt like I was flying through another Universe and time had stopped. It was a journey of total peace and relaxation with myself. I very much enjoyed the experience. It is unique!!

I was very grateful I had the experience. My boss asked how I enjoyed it and she told me when she had it done in Barcelona, Spain that when she got in the tank they had a very small light that dimmed very slowly so you were not in total darkness. She also said they played very soft low music. I think I would have preferred soft music and very low dim light. Experience was great, just be prepared. If you get claustrophobic or are not good at being with yourself in total darkness and silence this may not be for you. If you are an avid meditator it makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

Also, the epsom salt has so many great healing powers. It is good for relieving pain in muscles, helps with stress, artery hardening, flush toxins and can help with migraines.

The office has an Acupuncture doctor and they offer other services. If you are looking for something unique and cool to try check them out. It is also a great gift idea for someone who would appreciate it. People who would appreciate it, yogi's new age, Reiki practitioners, healers and nutritionist.

I hope they consider putting in a soft dimming light and some soft music to make the experience that much better.

Mark S.

The best out of body experience. This is 5 levels above any meditation that I have done before. Took me to another dimension.
Wow, what a journey I went through while floating. Had many discoveries about myself and the universe. The messege I have received was: "I'm unlimited vibration, traveling through space and time is in this world to educate myself and inspire others..." Highly recommend for everyone to experience it, at least once!!!