Acupuncture is the most well known component of Oriental Medicine. It is very effective, actually to the point that it is being used as a stand-alone treatment for wide variety of conditions. There are many styles of Acupuncture similar to different styles of martial arts.

 Just like in martial arts each style has different strengths and can be applied in different situations.  


In our officewe mainly utilize 3 styles:


  • 5 Element acupunctureis very gentle, uses just a few needles in each treatment and works best for chronic complaints, especially when several of them are presented simultaneously. Additionally, 5 element acupuncture has some unique treatments to address emotional and psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress. 5 element acupuncture is also an excellent preventative treatment and works to promote well-being and increase body reserves.
  • Toyo Hariis thegentlest treatment utilizing special gold and silver needles without actual insertion. It is a very unique style of acupuncture developed by blind practitioners in Japan. It requires a precise diagnosis and refined point location and treatment skills. This precision plus a use of special gold and silver needles allows to reach same and sometimes even more powerful results than regular acupuncture without actual insertion of the needles. Toyo Hari is especially suitable for children, weakened patients for whom stronger stimulation is inappropriate. In addition, suitable for people with the fear of needles.
  • I Ching Balance acupuncture is a mathematically precise method of treatment based on ancient Chinese classic. I Ching one of the oldest scientific books in the world which established mathematical models for various processes in the world including decease and healing. While requiring somewhat stronger treatments then the other two types, I Ching Acupuncture often produces instantaneous results making it invaluable treatment for pain. I Ching also helps to create a treatment Matrix for some of the most difficult cases, which do not respond to other types of treatment.